Wednesday, February 12, 2014

French Country Lighting

Today I am at home due to this very cold winter storm.  This certainly must be one of the coldest winters the south has ever seen!  Anyhoo, it's giving me a chance to get caught up on some things, which I'm super happy about.  I have been researching lighting for the new house and wanted to share what I have found.  French country lighting can get very pricey, so you have to know where to get it.  

One source I love is

They have a huge selection of many different styles, brands, and price points.  These styles I'm posting today are from a company called Quorum International, which you can order from the website above.  Typically a large 12 light chandelier will run you at minimum $1,200 and go upwards to $20,000.  I found this one below for $678.  A bargain price compared to it's competitors.  Remember, unless it's plated in gold, these lights are typically wired the same way - so it's hard to justify such a price difference. 

I will need at least two of these larger sized chandeliers for the great room, so the price will definitely fit in the budget.

Quorum International has several different style of lights in this line - like wall sconces as seen above priced from $68- $181.

This eight light chandelier, which would look great in the library/music room, is only $496.

This nine light is only $570 - I'm thinking the dining room.
I also love crystal chandeliers.  I'm planning on putting more crystal in the bedroom and my bathroom, as well as, adding a few "drippings" in the dining room.  So another thing checked off the list.  A great find for the day...

Here is a happy French Country Cozy image 
for some inspiration.

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