Saturday, May 17, 2014

French Country Finds

I was on a short weekend trip and drove through this great little town, that had these amazing little shops.  Here I share a few pics of some French Furniture inspiration.  This chair below is actually a French antique, still having it's original chipped finish.  It was over priced for me ($2800) - but certainly you could easily replicate this look or even purchase an old chair and recover it, as was done here.  Soon I want to take a trip to France and go to the flea markets to peruse such finds and reupholster items myself.  That is a total dream for me and one I would like to achieve by this fall.  How sweet would that be right?  

Here are the cutest stools I found - Aren't they so charming?  These were in a different shop and were somewhat reasonably priced, but certainly these could be made, without too much effort. :) 

Don't you just love this painted piece?  It stands over 9 feet tall.  A bit grand - I adore the finials on top.  I also love the hardware to open and close the doors. 

Here is a simple painted dining chair - although I would do a different fabric on the seat.  

This is an antique french table that was 12 feet long.  It's wider than it looks in the picture.  I would love to find something like this in France and have it shipped back.  This was priced at $5500.

Two more french chairs that were reupolstered.  These were priced at $3200 a piece, and the pillows were 200 each.  I'd say a trip to France would be worth every penny - Qu'est ce que vous en pensez?        

In closing today - I wanted to pay homage to a man, who really was one of the first to bring French Country design into American homes many years ago... Charles Faudree.
(Image from
Charles recently passed away and will be missed by many.  
I'm so grateful for the talent and inspiration he shared.  Thank you Charles - May you rest in peace.

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