Thursday, June 12, 2014

My French Country Style - Goes to ALT Summit!!

I am preparing to go to my first ever blogging convention in a week.  I'm attending the ALT Summit blogging event in SLC!!  Since I am new to the blogging world, I'm thrilled to be able to attend such an incredible conference.  I am so excited to learn from everyone and certainly thrilled to hear Martha Stewart, as she is the Keynote speaker!  Super cool right?  I love her - she is hands down one of the smartest, most talented, and strong minded women in the world.  Of course she is also one of the wealthiest women as well.  I admire her so much.  

Okay - So I have been following the ALT facebook page and learning all about what to expect.  First off, I learned that everyone brings cool cards to hand out.  Today I was busy making mine.  Here is how they turned out and how I made them...
 Hoping to make a good impression of course:)

First off I ran cardstock through my Anna Griffin cuttlebug to add some texture.

I used different colored cardstock since I wanted to hand out various colors, depending on my outfit for the day - Alright, so it's a bit much.  It's Alt though right? So it's all good.  

Next I created, printed, and cut out my info cards.

Then I stamped little bags...

And then filled them up with Lavender

Organic Lavender - all the way from France to be exact :)

After adhering my info cards to the textured paper and rounding the corners, I punched a hole to attached the sachets.  

 Here are the four variations I ended up with.  It took several hours to make all these.  At least my suitcase will smell amazing - Heeheelarious.  I can't wait to give them out at the conference.

Stay tuned... More to come!

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